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Lepidolite Delta Necklace - OOAK


Lepidolite is one of our favorite stones here at Orenda. Resembling slate in cleavage and texture, lepidolite is a soft pink color that shifts in the light as you move around it - changing from bright silver to a dark magenta.

Its high lithium content makes it well known as a spectacular stone for the release and reorganization of old behavioral patterns, gently inducing change. Lepidolite can encourage deep emotional healing with a soothing hand, dissipating negativity and insisting on being used for the highest good. 

This special piece of lepidolite is wrapped in oxidized silver to bring out its gorgeous cut and hung on an 18" chain. 

Oxidized sterling silver. Chain is 18" long with a lobster clasp. Pendant is approx 30mm x 30mm.

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