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Herkimer Diamond Studs - OOAK


While Herkimer "diamonds" aren't really diamonds, they're incredible for so many other reasons. Herkimer diamonds are a quartz crystal variation that are found only in the foothills within Herkimer County, NY and they're some of the most optically clear & lustrous crystals in the world. Herkimers formed approx. 450 - 500 Million Years ago in small pockets of limestone and bedrock. Most mining is done by hand, a very painstaking process and each of these little crystals is naturally faceted which means they are not altered by humans in any way.

Enjoy these two little Herkimer diamond droplets trapped in a unique oxidized sterling claw setting. Super comfortable with just enough sparkle.

Sterling silver and American Mined Herkimer diamond. Approx 0.25".

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