Carnelian Sphere


Carnelian is all about vibrancy: from its color to its energy. If you feel trapped or bored, Carnelian is the energy that you want to invite in. It’s the life of the party. Helping you to break free of the norm, carnelian ignites a desire for adventure. Use this bold new outlook to approach your life from a different point of view when you get stuck in a routine or need a sense of renewed passion. Carnelian offers protection from such fears and encourages you to push past hesitations until you find the abundance that you are looking for.

The material occurs with banded patterns and white to peach colored quartz-like areas. Madagascar produces some of the best carnelian in the world. Beautifully polished with small crystalline features.


You will be getting the exact crystal sphere pictured. Includes wood ring stand. It measures approx 2.2"

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