Mystery Gem Box!


Expand your collection or just brighten someone's day with this lovely mystery box. Let us pick from some of the most unique pieces in our collection and send them to YOU! It's like opening a Christmas present except you don't have to wear an ugly sweater (unless you want to!) 


  • 1 large mystery crystal. (A crystal cluster, a formation, a large point, a pyramid, or a sphere) 
  • 1 small mystery crystal. (A palm stone, a wand, a small point, a small sphere, or a mini formation)
  • 1 mystery aromatic item. (Mini palo santo bundle, incense, yerba santa, or another cleansing item that smells amazing)
  • A personalized description of each of the items we specially selected for you including metaphysical and spiritual meanings of those stones. 

Super fun and great as a gift or for your own practice! Note that the crystals in the picture are just SAMPLES of what you may receive. We promise we'll pick some really amazing pieces for you.

Ready to ship! (What does that mean? Check our FAQ to find out...)

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